The Aim

The school prepares students for a two scholastic year course leading to the City and Guilds Diploma in Men and Women’s Hairdressing.  This system requires that students prepare an assignment and pass the practical assessments of each module covered.  Students are then graded on each examination and an average grade is given per subject.  Certificates are issued by City and Guilds based on the student’s average grade achieved throughout the two scholastic years.

Once the students obtain the Diploma they may proceed to the Advanced Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing (IVQ Level 3, MQF Level 4).  This course allows qualified hairdressers to focus more on the advanced and different techniques in haircuts, design and colour.  Also covered throughout the course is health and safety in the workplace. Students are required to prepare a model for the graduation hair show as part of their final assignments.


The subjects covered over the two year scholastic period are:

3002-26 City and Guilds Diploma in Men and Women’s Hairdressing

Unit 201  Working in Hair industry  4 credits
Unit 202  Follow health and safety practice in the salon  3 credits
Unit 203  Client Consultation for hair services  3 credits
Unit 204  Shampoo & Condition the hair & scalp  3 credits
Unit 205  Promote products & services to clients  3 credits
Unit 206   Cut Women’s Hair  8 credits
Unit 207   Colour and lighten hair  10 credits
Unit 210  Cut Men’s Hair  6 credits
Unit 208  Perm & neutralise Hair  7 credits
Unit 209 The Art of Dressing Hair   5 credits

The Advanced Diploma

The Advanced Diploma is intended for Diploma holders and provides the ultimate in hairdressing theory and practice suitable also for a salon owner, who has gained qualification and/or experience, but does not possess a Diploma at this high level.  .  Furthermore, some modules will lead you to run a first-class hairdressing salon more efficiently and more profitably.

The following are the nine modules covered:

Unit 302  Monitor & maintain the health & safety in the salon 4 credits
Unit 303  Consultation support for colleagues on hair services 3 credits
Unit 304  Cut women’s hair to create a variety of looks 8 credits
Unit 305  Style & dress hair using a variety of techniques  7 credits
Unit 306  Colour hair to create a variety of looks 11 credits 
Unit 307  Creative hairdressing design skills 8 credits
Unit 3081  Perm hair to create a variety of looks 7 credits

And other optional units.


Lessons of 4 hours each are carried out twice a week between October and end of May, either in the morning or in the evening thereby covering 450 hours in 2 scholastic years.  These are based on both theory and practice sessions in the school.

Method of Assessment

The School carries out assessments on each module and a student must pass from all the theoretical assignments and practical assessments of all the modules to obtain the City & Guilds Diploma. 



Applicants typically comprise students seeking a post-secondary education training.  In addition, non-qualified practising hairdressers occasionally endeavour to consolidate their working experience by taking up long-term educational programmes.  The course is also open to any person wishing to have hairdressing as their career.

Applications are currently open till the end of September.


All lessons are conducted in English and ample use is made of textbooks and handouts also in the English language.  However explanations may be repeated in Maltese if and when necessary.


An attendance log book is kept and students may be asked to stop attending if there is repeated absenteeism. 

Diploma in Salon Management

The Diploma in Salon Management is meant for Beauty Therapy Supervisors, Spa Managers and Salon owners, Supervisors and owners of Beauty Salons and Hairdressing Salons,  as..

Summer Course

Our school can qualify students to an industry-recognised level in hairdressing. We have been teaching Hairdressing to a high international standard since 2006. Lessons are carried out in a fully equipped salon and air-conditioned classrooms.

Students will be prepared to study..

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